Aeration of Soil

Oxygen as biological quality parameter

For most organisms it is very important to have enough oxygen available. As healthy soil should contain many organisms, the amount of oxygen in the soil is a very important quality parameter.

When trying to restore e.g. a lawn the means of aeration of the soil is often overlooked. However, aeration can be vital to bring soil back to a healthy state. It often improves drainage and reduces the formation of puddles.

Benefits of aeration of turf

Core aeration of turf has the following benefits:

Mechanical aeration of soil

Soil aeration mostly refers to using mechanical tools to puncture the soil in order to let air get in or to remove approximately 1½ inch of soil from the ground.

IRASSS and soil aeration

IRASSS does not provide mechanical soil aeration products, but has environmentally friendly soil treatment products for different types of applications.