Environmentally friendly water treatment

Water Quality

Increasing oxygen saturation is a necessary aspect in designing water treatment systems. Ponds and lakes should be protected from anoxic conditions as it may cause serious damage in the aquatic ecosystems of these bodies of water.

Oxygen content is the most important determinant of water quality. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is essential to fish and aquatic life survival. More importantly, aerobic bacteria and other microorganisms use up oxygen as they that feed on feces and organic litter.

Anoxic Conditions

Anoxic conditions of water bodies develop due to factors such as density stratification, stagnation, build-up of organic material and algae bloom, of which especially the last often is considered a problem. In summary, anoxic conditions will occur when the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) resulting from oxidation of organic matter by bacteria is greater than the Dissolved Oxygen (DO).

What Aeration Does

In order to prevent anoxic conditions, it is necessary to have sufficient water aeration in ponds and lakes. Dissolving compressed oxygen bubbles is very effective in increasing DO in the water.

Effective aeration techniques speed up oxidation of organic matter. Sufficient supply of oxygen supports fish life and allows aerobic bacteria to decompose organic matter efficiently.

Dissolving air bubbles also allow noxious gases to be released from the water. As compressed air bubbles are pumped in the water, carbon dioxide and other gases are released to the atmosphere.

Aeration also allows circulation in the water. Circulation prevents thermal stratification which is dangerous to fish life during seasonal turnovers.

Aeration-Based Treatment from IRASSS

The Air-Duck™ is a very effective water aerator developed by IRASSS. With enough aeration and circulation, thermal stratification and anoxic conditions are prevented. The level of Dissolved Oxygen is increased as the most effective size of bubbles is diffused without disturbing the muck at the bottom.

Aesthetics is not compromised as the only visible device in the Air-Duck™ is a small floatation device surrounded by a circle of tiny bubbles.

For details of the technical aspects of Air-Duck™, please see Air-Duck™ technical information.

For more information about the water treatment products of IRASSS go to the page water treatment products of IRASSS.

Water aeration

before water aeration treatment

Before water aeration treatment.

Notice that the water is not clean and obviously not safe for everyone.

after water aeration treatment

After water aeration treatment.

Water is truly different from the other one. It's clearer, clean and it's good to the environment.