Air-Duck™ advanced aerator

Unique bubble diffuser for aeration

The Air-Duck™ is unique, Australian engineered, aerator in the form of a small bubble diffuser specifically suitable for lake aeration. It treats the true causes of water quality problems.

Using the Air-Duck™ results in a thriving healthy ecosystem just as nature intended.

Advanced, natural and cost effective aeration

The unique advanced design of the Air-Duck™ guarantees the most natural, energy efficient, cost effective way to provide aeration and circulation to a body of water. Air Duck small bubble diffusers dramatically improve the dissolved oxygen levels, provide important circulation to prevent thermal stratification and cools the water.

The Air-Duck™ produces the ultimate bubble size that does not disturb the sludge layer as it is releasing, but allows for maximum exposure of the bubbles to the water column, where the important oxygen transfer takes place. Total circulation is also being achieved at the same time, making sure the sun warmed surface water is being thoroughly mixed with the much colder bottom water. The only visible sign of the aeration unit on the body of water being treated is a flotation device on the surface,( this contains the air intake valve) with a circle of small air bubbles surrounding it, totally at home with the natural environment.

High quality aeration device

Air-Duck™ aeration units are made of strong, ultra high density polyurethane material, with no moving parts, perfect for handling extreme Environments. When selecting the pump, the duty required, 1.1KW unit 60L/min, 4 KW unit 220L/min at +50 meters head, for each Air Duck Unit. This allows for the use of solar power or Diesel engine pump, which can be ideal if a 3 or single phase power source is not readily available. Unit's are capable to operate at 9 m, aimed down will reach 11 m.

More information on Air-Duck™ water aerators

For some more technical facts on our Air-Duck™ water aeration systems see Air-Duck™ technical information.

You can download the complete information about Air Duck Aeration Systems here.

Comes in easy to install kits!

1 Flotation Device
1 Air Duck Small Bubble Diffuser
10 meters of air tube, 2 X for 4 kW
10 meters of Nylon rope

Water treatment with Air-Duck™ image 1 Water treatment with Air-Duck™ image 2
Water treatment with Air-Duck™ image 3 Water treatment with Air-Duck™ image 4
Water treatment with Air-Duck™ image 5 Water treatment with Air-Duck™ image 6