Information about Air-Duck™ water aerators

Aeration of water

Our experience has shown, that DO (Dissolved Oxygen) relates directly and very strongly to the ambient health and ability of a given water-body to survive adverse conditions and climatic challenges. See our page about aeration.

The level of oxygen dissolved in a water body relates similarly to the level of oxygen in the air at different altitudes.


DO (Dissolved Oxygen) at sea level up to 3000m = 9.0 - 6.01mg/L
DO at 3000 - 4500m = 6.0 - 4.6mg/L
DO at 4500 - 5500m = 4.5 - 3.6mg/L
DO at 5500 -7000m = 3.5 - 2.01mg/L
DO at 7000m and above = 0 - 2mg/L

Facts related to aeration with our Air-Duck™

Please find some facts related to our Air-Duck™ water aerator:

  1. With implementation of our AirDuck units, we aim to achieve a minimum DO of 10mg/L but generally the units run at levels around14mg/L and above.
  2. The most effective form of aeration is bottom to surface due the fact that it places oxygen directly were it is needed most, in the silt layer.
  3. This convective aeration process causes the water to de-stratify, causing a reduction of surface water temperature and thus evaporation.
  4. Surface temperatures of all water bodies with the Air-Duck™ aerator system in operation will never exceed 26 Deg C. This is proven to be the case in all water bodies treated with Air Ducks even in the torrid tropics of Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the hot deserts of Australia and the Middle East but we found exceptions in some parts of the Middle east like UAE, were the night time minimum is over 30C it does not work that effective.
  5. Effective aeration will treat about 70% (from 0.5m - 3m deep) and 85% (to >3m depth) of all quality related problems in water-bodies.
  6. An increased level of DO will not eliminate all algae problems, but will reduce them significantly. It will however, eliminate the main problems resulting from algal blooms such as fish death and foul odors etc, which relate directly to lack of oxygen.
  7. Often the theory is that you need to control the environment to keep the system (water-bodies) healthy this is not the case, we found in all cases with good aeration, the system adapts to the environment.

More information

Download the complete information about Air Duck Aeration Systems here.

Comes in easy to install kits!

1 Flotation Device
1 Air Duck Small Bubble Diffuser
10 meters of air tube, 2 X for 4 kW
10 meters of Nylon rope