Case studies

Biological lake treatment

Lake treatment results with Pond-Zyme™

Recently our lake stabilization product Lake-Zyme™ was used to treat the lake at Hale School, which was quite polluted at the start of the Australian summer.

Treatment started December 25, 2010 and within a few months the lake was clean again. Please click on lake treatment results summer 2010/2011.

Lake treatment results with Air-Duck™

Please find our most impressive case study Air-Duck™ treatment by clicking here.

We will soon add a case study of treatment with our Air-Duck™ systems.

Turf treatment

Please find photo's of results with Soil-Zyme™ on our page case study turf treatment with Soil-Zyme™.

Soil treatment

We have found a very cost effictive way to treat soil using an irrigation lake. Read more in our turf treatment with irrigation lake.

Water treatment

Please see water treatment with aeration here.