Enzyme treatment South Hedland turf

Turf before enzyme treatment

Disease, compaction and algae have brought about the demise of this Tiffdwarf bermuda grass green.

Despite near perfect growing weather for bermuda grass, the grass has failed to respond to respond to fertilizer and attempts to renovation. It was decided to treat this green with Soil-Zyme™.

The turf before it was treated with our enzyme product:

Turf before treatment with our enzyme product

Turf five weeks after treatment

Please find below a photo of the same green around five weeks after application of Soil-Zyme™.

As you can see the algae and disease have been eliminated and the soil was biologically aerated and de-compacted. The grass also responds to fertilizer and is well on its way to filling in the gaps.

The turf after it had been treated with our enzyme product for about five weeks:

Turf after treatment with our enzyme product