Case study aeration with Air-Duck™ aerator

Animal death

As you can see in the images from before starting aeration with Air-Duck&rade; aerator the lake in Rockingham, Western Australia was suffering from big problems, even resulting in animal death.

You can see the clear difference between the water not yet treated and the water after treatment with Air-Duck™ aeration.

Rockingham lake before Air-Duck™ Aeration

The water here in this part was dirty, murky that indicates that the water is not safe and as you can observe there are unsafe objects and not conducive elements that can affect the stability of our nature especially on the living particles in the water. And having a bad condition of environment may affect the balance of nature and as to the health of the living things most especially human beings.

Rockingham before treatment

More images before treatment.

Rockingham lake after Air-Duck™ Aeration

After the aeration, you can observe that the water is now clean and clear. A safer water and good to see environment. And this its good for our ecosystem.

Rockingham after treatment

More images after treatment.