Background of our water management products

Soil-Zyme™ has been used in large water bodies, complementary in conjunction with our Air-Duck™ aerators with great success, shown it to be a cost effective and safe water treatment product.

Over the years we re-engineered Soil-Zyme™into Lake-Zyme™ for professional use and Pond-Zyme™ for home use like garden ponds.

Pond-Zyme™ product description

Pond-Zyme™ is a biological water cleaning product for use for aquariums and fishponds. It has been on the market now since 1996 and has shown large improvements in water quality.

Pond-Zyme™ has been tested against a number of hydroponic biological starters and been shown to be equal and some cases superior to those products.

Pond-Zyme™ has been used by Market gardeners, nurseries, turf industries as well by local and state governments and has shown the following benefits consistently:

  • Strong increase of aerobic bacteria, to promote the nitrification process to the plant.
  • Reduction or elimination of fouling root matter.
  • Reduction of mortality.
  • Increase of yield and grows, specifically nitrogen needing plants!
  • Maximum utilisation of nutrients.

Pond-Zyme™ has been tested against a number of biological (bacterial) water treatment products and has shown to be equal if not superior to those products.

Results achieved with Pond-Zyme™

The following results can be expected:

  • Increase of DO (dissolved oxygen) for the first 7-8 Days, about 40-60% (after an initial drop due to increased BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand).
  • Increased vigorous and healthy grows of aquatic plants (target species) and reduction or elimination of weed species.
  • Reduction even elimination of organic residue like slime and fouling material.
  • Increase of general health of plants (target species) and livestock.

This translates into:

  • Improved water quality and visibility.
  • 80% or more reduction of algae and algae blooms.
  • Elimination of blue green algae within 3-4 days after beginning the application. A number of water areas have shown to have no further outbreaks, when the product is used properly.


If you are interested in experiences with the application of Lake-Zyme™ you might be interested in our case studies.

For professional use we recommend Lake-Zyme™, a sister product of Pond-Zyme™.

For more information or to order the product you can find contact information in our contact page.