Common soil problems

What are common soil problems

Common soil problems are:

Surface algae and moss

Although not directly harmful, often surface algae and moss are unwanted. In the first place because they can look unsightly, but they can also smother small and delicate plants.

Excess Thatch.

Excess thatch is an accumulated layer of dead and decaying stolons, rhizomes and clippings immediately below the surface.

Fungal diseases

Of course fungal diseases are unwanted in any soil, so we can consider them problematic. We have achieved very good results with applying Soil-Zyme™ to prevent fungal diseases in soil.

Read more at fungal disease control with Soil-Zyme™.

Hydrophobic soil

Hydrophobic soil, meaning soil that repels water, is often a problem as instead of water infiltrating the ground it will collect on the surface.

A common cause for hydrophobic soil is when organic material has been burnt and has soaked into empty pores in the soil, making it difficult or impossible for water to penetrate the soil.

For solving problems with hydrophobic soil we recommend one of our enzyme products for soil: Soil-Zyme™ (professional use), Soil-Zyme2™ (budget friendly) or Soil-Zyme™ (agriculture use).

Soil compaction.

Soil compaction means that when stress has been applied to soil it has been densified as air has been squeezed out of the pores in between the grains. Normally the cause of soil compaction is heavy machinery passing by, but it can also be caused by animals.

Applying one of our enzyme products helps maintain the biological balance and so helps restore compacted soil.

Black layer

Black-layer is a layer of accumulated grease, waxes, fungal residues and sulphide deposits in an anaerobic (oxygenless) environment. It is observable anywhere between 25 to 250 mm below the surface. Anaerobic bacterial decomposition from black-layer gives off methane and hydrogen sulphide gas, both of which are antagonistic to plant growth and acidify the soil.

Humic Acid

Humic acid is formed by the microbial degradation of dead organic matter. It is very resistant to further biodegration and therefor humic acid is often considered a problem.

Applying one of our enzyme products helps in biodegration of humic acid and is therefore considered a very good solution to prevent or solve humic acid in your soil.