Soil-Zyme™ eco friendly soil renovation

What is Soil-Zyme™

Soil-Zyme™ is a bio-energizer for your soil. It is a powerful biochemical soil activator and soil treatment product designed for the turf and horticulture industries. Its advanced new enzyme technology uses specially selected enzymes to biologically re-invigorate degraded soils.

The enzymes in Soil-Zyme™ stimulate and enhance existing soil bacteria to treat a wide range of soil ailments and plant diseases. It is not a microbial inoculant because it contains no actual living organisms of its own.

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Applications of Soil-Zyme™

Soil-Zyme™ is for use on golf courses, sporting fields, bowling greens, parkland, nurseries, turf-farms or in any horticultural situation where an effective, environmentally responsible and economical alternative to traditional soil management practices are required. It is formulated and manufactured in Australia and marketed as a liquid concentrate.

For information about how to apply Soil-Zyme™ see our page application details of Soil-Zyme™.

Advantages of Soil-Zyme™

Advantages of our biological soil cleaning product Soil-Zyme™are:

  • Low cost compared to other products and methods. See our cost comparison page for more information.
  • No living organism. .
  • Easy application
  • Non toxic. Soil-Zyme™ is completely non-toxic and harmless to humans, animals and the environment. No special protective clothing is required during mixing or spraying.

More information

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Packaging details

Soil-Zyme™ concentrate is available in 25 litre, 10 litre, 5 litre and 2 litre plastic containers but this may vary in some countries.

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Testimonials for Soil-Zyme™

What users think about Soil-Zyme™ you can find in our page Soil-Zyme™ testimonials.

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Soil-Zyme Applications Result
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Turf in Western Australia Governor's House (in bad shape prior treatment)
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Turf in Western Australia Governor's House (3 weeks after treatment)