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Hale School

Ryan Elsegood, Grounds Coordinator, Hale School, Hale Road Wembley Downs WA 6019: "Just a note to say that both myself and David Smith (our retic man) are very pleased with the current state of our lake. The water has never been clearer round the edges and the amount of insect activity is staggering. Fish numbers have increased and Heron are now frequenting the lake and hunting for fish. We are keeping the venturi nozzle going for the foreseeable future with the few warm weeks we have had recently. The density of water weeds is reducing and no algae, although this is expected with the cooler weather. Touch wood we have been free of further instances of midge larvae and biomass fouling of the sprinklers. Looking forward to next summer when we really put it to the test and we get in early with the Soil-zyme application. Hopefully this will be our solution to these issues. Cheers!"

City of Belmont

Nicole Davey, Environmental Coordinator, City of Belmont: "The City of Belmont uses Soil Zyme for treatment of algae in several lakes, including Tomato Lake, Kewdale and Freshwater Lake, Ascot. Tomato Lake is part of the South Belmont Main Drain stormwater system, and flows into the Swan River. In the City's experience, Soil Zyme in combination with aeration has contributed towards a reduction in the occurrence and severity of algal blooms. There have been no adverse affects of Soil Zyme on the water quality of the lakes, or their surrounding flora and fauna.".

Bali Golf and Country Club

Mark Isley, Superintendent, Bali Golf and Country Club: "Bali Golf and Country Club have a number of unique Environmental problems due to its location and design. One of the main problems has been our Lake(3hr Surface area,2m deep). To solve the problems we are engaging the services of Jan Tschierschky from the International Rehabilitation and Soil Stabilisation Services. So far the advice and service given has been good, cost effective and simple to implement. Without hesitation do I recommend IRASSS to any one with unique Environmental problems."

Perth Zoo

Tom Tischler, Director, Planning and Development, Perth Zoo, Western Australia: "Considering the Zoo's long history of water problems associated with its lakes, ponds and pools, and the recent significant improvements we have achieved with your help. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution. The consultation you have provided to the Zoo pro bono represents a substantial sponsorship. Your experience and expertise has been extremely valuable. You have been able to explain the underlying principles and bio chemical processes in a way we can all understand not only the proposals but also how our practices effect the outcomes. I appreciate your dedication to finding the most practical and cost effective solutions. Your recommendations combining biological, chemical and mechanical innovations with changes in work place practices have proven highly effective. Today the Zoo's water quality has never been better and while we still have a long way to go I am confident that with your support we will achieve very high standards. Your professionalism has made it a pleasure to work with you."

City of Belmont, Tomato Lake

Bali Golf and Country Club, Bali, Indonesia

Kings Park Botanic Garden, Western Australia