Air Duck Aeration Systems is a a unique Australian small bubble diffuser for treating the true causes of water quality problems, resulting in a thriving healthy ecosystem just as nature intended.

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City of Belmont


To Whom It May Concern:

The City of Belmont uses Soil Zyme for treatment of algae in serveral lakes, including Tomato Lake, Kewdale and Freshwater Lake, Ascot. Tomato Lake is part of the South Belmont Main Drain stormwater system, and flows into the Swan River. In the City's experience, Soil Zyme in combination with aeration has contributed towards a reduction in the occurrence and severity of algal blooms. There have been no adverse affects of Soil Zyme on the water quality of the lakes, or their surrounding flora and fauna.

Nicole Davey
Environmental Coordinator

Ph: 9477 7295 Fax: 9478 1473 mob: 0408 945 202
City of Belmont
215 Wright St (LMB 379) Cloverdale WA 6105

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