Soil-Zyme™ is a powerful biochemical soil activator and soil treatment designed for the turf and horticulture industries.

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The Hong Kong Golf Club


To Whom It May Concern

February 8, 2000

I was introduced to Soil-Zyme about 18 months ago after I started with this club. At that time the bermudagrass greens at HKGC were in need of some serious attention and had deteriorated because of persistent algae and disease problems. Many attempts, including regular intensive verticoring and usesing various products which were recommended had failed to address the problem and the greens were about to be resurfaced.

Only a few weeks after having trialed Soil-Zyme on a badly affected green, I was pleasantly surprised at the recovery. The soil has become better drained and the blacklayer had disappeared along with the algae. The bermudagrass has become greener, denser and more vigorous.

I now use Soil-Zyme in my regular management program and have recognised it as an integral part of any quality turf management program, particularly in the tropic. My fertilizer and chemical use has reduced significantly and the root depth of the bermudagrass is increasing allowing longer periods between irrigation in dry spells. This in turn has reduced disease.

I no longer have plans to physically replace any greens which have deteriorated. I now have the confidence that this product does the job biologically. Soil-Zyme has definitely made my job a lot easier.

Shane Templeton
Course Manager
The Hong Kong Golf Club

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